About us

Young, committed, creative, networked and ready for any adventure. We work both by conventional means, as well as with experimental methods to obtain the images that we need for a job. For us it´s important to apply cinematic standards to all our projects. In addition to producing videos for customers we see Chakana Films as a cooperation of like-minded people to produce their own content and support each other.


Sami Ancieta

Camera, Edition, Director, Producer –> Sami Ancieta

Founder of chakanafilms, Sami Ancieta’s journey starts in South America, specifically in Peru’s capital, Lima. At age 17 he begun working for various television production and advertising companies and also completed his study in “Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia” successfully. Ancieta could gain a lot of experience, since he was an in-house partner at Inca Films for five years, and has learned about the process of casting and the duties of an assistant director in advertising.


David Borja

Victor Linares

Pamela Perea